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DO Day – the international day of DOing brings together purposeful Doers from around the world on October 18th every year to celebrate DOing and that together we as people can take action on even the toughest issue. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, student, or citizen DO Day is about the belief that instead of talking about issues we should do something about them and get others involved. DOers are often alone – DO Day celebrates the fact that they exist in all parts of society and across the world.

We want to show the world that you can bring a group of people together and accomplish something in just one day. DO Day connects and engages passionate DOers who want to solve issues and take action.

DO DAY 2018

We celebrated our first ever DO Day on October 18th 2018. Our DO Day organizers brought together more than 1,000 people in 32 locations across 19 countries to celebrate purposeful DOing. In partnership with Plastic Pollution Coalition, the challenge was around the topic “Refuse + Reduce Single-Use Plastic”. This 2018 challenge stems from the fact that we are facing a global crisis if we continue to produce and consume single-use plastics at the rate we are doing today.


DO Day Organizer: Mohamed Salia, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Over 150 participants from across 10 towns and communities in Bonthe District, Southern province of Sierra Leone, West Africa took part in DO Day. Participants were mainly women and youths who mostly use plastic bags for domestic purpose. There were also local chiefs and community-based organizations working on environmental issues who also got involved. The outcome of the day was that the target communities developed simple bylaws to encourage communities to refuse or use reusable bags in place of plastic. 

DO Day Organizer: Saba Khalid and Waqar J Khan, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Between 10-15 women from Abdul Rehman Goth, a fishing village in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan took part in DO Day. The DO Day organizers collected waste on the local beaches and taught the women to separate the waste carefully and use the beach’s plastic waste in embroidery, jewelry, handbags etc. The participants managed to make 10 prototype necklaces made with different types of retrieved fishnet & earrings from straw. Throughout the process, the organizers spoke to the community and asked them how their livelihood (fishing) is affected by plastic and the challenges faced by the women in the area.

DO Day Organizer: Adrian Tot and Anna Theresa, Brussels, Belgium

Plastic-Free Plux strives to reduce single-use plastics at the famous Place du Luxembourg in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. Their DODay event brought together over 50 participants. The DO Day organisers engaged employees from the European Parliament, students and local environmental initiatives to clean up the Place du Luxembourg from single-use plastics. The participants collected around 120kg trash (in particular Single-use plastic cups) over a 3 hour period on the Place de Luxembourg.

DO Day Organizer: Rocio Diaz Casado, Cusco, Peru

DO Day in Cusco had two different events. In the morning 40 students took part in DO Day and in the afternoon over 20 people from different tourism-related businesses and NGOs got involved. The students took part in workshops, in which the organisers engaged them on how important it is to keep their community clean and what everyone can do to reduce and refuse plastic. The students collected waste in their local area and launched a Facebook campaign about how to carry out these proposals to reduce plastic. In the afternoon session, the participants from different organisations decided to implement short-term actions to reduce their impact on the environment at an organizational level and as a long-term action, the group created “la Red por un Cusco Sostenible” (Network for a Sustainable Cusco) to collaborate and work towards a sustainable Cusco.


DO Day Organiser – Hong-Kong 

Why did you organise a DO Day event? 

I am a fan of the DO School method and the topic seemed appropriate. Also the timing worked really well as one of the partner organizations, Heroes Too, was going to launch their Eco Pledge app to promote sustainability around this period

What excited you the most about DO Day? 

Plastic is such a troubling and visible problem everywhere. The opportunity to get like-minded people together to do some co-creation on tackling this problem sounded very exciting. It was also good to work with St James Settlement, an innovative NGO who kindly lent us their premises.

What was the impact from your DO Day event? 

Still work in progress. The best thing was the uniting of different communities who shared the same goal but did not know how to tackle the problem. It was a wonderful exchange of ideas, cultures, values and perspectives. 

What were your 3 biggest learnings from the event?

1. The problem was the same but just that we saw it from different perspectives!
2. We can make a difference but we are still a small community
3. How do we get the attention of the wider public to insist on change?

If you could give 3 tips to a DO Day organizer for next year what would they be?

1. Don’t be deterred, too many people wanted to give up holding the event but in the end perseverance prevailed
2. Put in a lot of face time to build trust
3. Plan meticulously, do not rely on things being alright on the day 




By organising a DO DAY event, you bring the innovation of DO DAY to your community and/or organisation. The DO School will assist with curriculum, materials, training, and guidance.


As a DO DAY Sponsor:


  • A DO School expert facilitator will guide organization/company through your DO Day experience
  • Your organization/company highlighted as a DO Day sponsor.
  • Your sponsorship provides funds for impact entrepreneurs to host their own DO Day events.











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